Top 3 E-commerce Apps Which Offers the Best Deals of All Time

taobao malaysiaOne of the biggest benefits of online shopping that many would agree with is the fact that by shopping online, you just open yourself up to many different deals that will make your shopping experience much more fulfilling and rewarding, not to mention easier on your wallet and bank account as well. From a referral system to free international shippings, there are a lot of online shopping deals out there that you can make use of, including ones that you can only find if you use the official application of a particular shopping site. This includes Taobao Malaysias application, which is definitely one of the top e-commerce apps you need to have installed on your device if you are a fan of online shopping.

There are many different online shopping and e-commerce apps out there that you can get on the app market of your device, whether you are using Android, iOS, or other operating system. Some of those apps are more popular than the others, and each might offer different deals. Shopee, one of such apps popular among online shoppers, offer free domestic shipping; Lazada offers certain discount periods for many different items. However, if you are looking for even greater deals then you should check out Taobao Malaysia, which offers arguably the best online shopping deals of all times, no matter what time of the year it is.

The greatest perk of shopping through Taobao Malaysia is the fact that it offers international shipping, and for free. No longer will you have to worry about paying more in shipping than you pay for the items you actually purchase. Free international shipping also means that there are so much more options made available for you to choose from, as you are not limited to domestic sellers when you are looking for the items that you want to purchase. In fact, many international sellers might have cheaper prices for the items you are looking for, and with a deal for free international shippings you can buy them with ease without any concern about shipping fees.

You can also get a lot of different promo codes that you can use on Taobao Malaysia if you get your friends to also use the site and its application to do their online shopping. Not only will your friends get to experience the ease of use and reliability of Taobao Malaysia, along with its affordable prices for many different items, your promo code can be used to give yourself a nice discount for the items you want telo purchase, meaning that it is a win-win solution for the two of you.

Aside from those two perks, Taobao Malaysia offers so many different promotions and deals practically all year round. Whether you are purchasing new outfits or electronics, you can be sure to find what you are looking for on Taobao Malaysia; all at incredibly affordable prices, with easy and solid shopping experiences, and trustworthy sellers!

Find Out How POS System Help Boost My Business

POS System

Few years ago, the cash registers can be called as the king of all marketing transaction. That is the only game in the whole countries. Its main function is to process any kind of sales. After it is all collected. That will be the task for the cashier to wrap up the records. It will be about the things that come and out. We will know what kinds of things that have been sold. And also how much that we get. That is the only easy system that can be gained. But these days everything has changed. The POS System is in the game.

It is different between the POS system and the cash register. And actually, it has much more advanced features. The main function is still the same with the cash register. But there will be no more than manual actions. It is because the system has already had the link between the software to the networks. So, basically, it will be about the internet. If the cash register needs the data to be transferred manually, the POS system will transfer all the data collected automatically and also instantly. Besides, the data that can be transferred is limitless.

What can be gained from POS System?
The very obvious things that can be gained from the use of the POS system is the efficiency. It has so many and huge differences from the cash registers. The system will have the data about the prices. Whenever the product is bought, then the system will automatically detect the product and match it with the pricing data. So, the user does not need to input some amount of data. And also, there will be fewer error rates that can be caused by the POS system. If it is an error, then we need only to get over it with some kind of quick clicks. That will make your company has such really good customer base.

The staff will no longer have more thought about the error. And the company can save more money for not fixing the errors. The stock management will also be improved. The old approaches need more time to process and it can be such laborious. Maybe it will not be experienced by the small business but for the big scale business, it can be so annoying. But the POS will scan all the stocks then automatically will input it into the digital database. So, the seller can only review all the stocks with such really quick time. that will be very useful for both producer and sellers.

This will be the most important things that come from the use of the POS system. It is about accuracy. The system will give the merchants more accurate and more powerful accuracy of data. It can give use the sales trends and also all the information about trading like the daily outgoings and takings. Also, if we are going to need more stock management process, we can just access it quickly and accurately. Because of this feature, the merchants will be so helped. They will be able to identify the products that are overspend. And they can take such quick action to deal with that.

The company will be also helped by the tracking features. Through the system, we will be able to track the work of the employee. Though such kind of particular codes, we can really track the employee which use the transactions. Whether we have less than or more than a hundred employees through the particular codes, we can track the employee. Employee tracking can also be used to pump up the performances of the employee since there will be an award for the best employee. Besides, it will make the misuse of the products is reduced.

We can also make the good consistency about our company. Maintaining the price consistency can be such really exhausting process. But the POS system will help us to deal with that. POS system will help us to create a powerful database. That will be helpful when we need to review all the product prices. We can also fix some product prices. Then once we fix it we can go through to it to the other locations through the POS system. consistent pricing will give us many benefits. The customer will have more trust to our products since we can give the prices more stable.

3 Facts You Need to Know before Your Pre-Wedding Photo-shoot

Weddings are lifetime events and the stuff of fairy tales coming true when one is marrying the person he or she loves and want to be with for the rest of life. A pre-wedding photo-shoot is the event where the groom is the actor and the bride in the wedding gown the actress. A pre-wedding photo session is usually part of the package of the wedding photographer these days. The photos shot in the session can be used in wedding invitation cards and also in the form of slideshow presentation during the reception ceremony. If you are going to marry for the first time and have no clue about what to do in your first pre-wedding photo-shoot, knowing the following 3 facts will be helpful.

Building a rapport with your wedding photographer is important

Try to know the styles and personality of your wedding photographer before the actual photo-shoot. This will make you more comfortable about standing before the camera and following the instructions of the person. Exchange any ideas that you might have. Tell the professional about the ideas that you like as well the ones you dislike. The photographer will undoubtedly have some excellent ideas regarding what you should do during the session. You can understand the ideas that he has, as well as his shortcomings and strengths. If you do not like any of the ideas it is a good to move on and start looking for some other photographer.

You will get proper guidance from your wedding photographer and make sure that the style of your choice is reflected in your photographs. Discuss the type of art direction you would want for the shoot. This will depend on your personal style as well as the budget you have. Once the art direction is fixed, you will find it easy to gather decorations, props, flowers, shoes, wedding gown and all the other important elements.

Here are some wedding gowns recommended by celebrities that look good on their pre-wedding photoshoot.

A proper discussion with the makeup artist is essential

Other than meeting the wedding photographer, you will also need to talk to the makeup artist. Generally, makeup artists work with photographers and you can find a good one with the professional you are signing up with. The makeup artist will be able to help you decide about the proper hairdo and kind of makeup that will make you look your best during the photo-shoot.

You can discuss as well as determine the type of makeup that you want. If you have some skin flaws or a facial feature that you will like to hide, you can discuss the same with the artist and your photographer. Proper cosmetics and a different angle might be used in order to conceal the flaw. Whether you would want a makeup heavy or a minimal makeup look, you can discuss it with the professional.

The location depends on your budget

You will also have to take decisions about the location of the photo-shoot. The location or the background will actually depend on the type of budget that you have. If you have a deeper pocket, you can plan an outdoor shoot by the sea, a church or a spot of your choice. Of course, you will have to get permits for the photo-shoot from the state authorities.

If you are short on money, you will have to meet your needs with a professional studio. Even then, you can make the most of the situation with your inventiveness. You can pose like your favorite stars or celebrities or try a vintage look with some old antique replica stuff which can be purchased from thrift stores and more. With the right professionals, you can ensure perfect pictures and ensure the success of your pre-wedding photo-shoot.

Why do you need a website for your photography business?

Why do you need a website for your photography business?

Is there a need for photographers to have a website for promoting their business? According to experts in the industry, the answer to it is a big ‘YES’. Having a website is considered to be a must for each and every business, irrespective of its domain. It can be stated to have become a primary necessity given today’s digital world and increasing competition. In short, photography business is rather not an exception.

Why website for photography?

It is termed to be a small window which has the power to open up to a whole new world filled with opportunities, for establishing online identity, for promoting services and to get plenty of clients, while raking in revenue.

Reasons to have a website for photography business

The below mentioned reasons are good enough to remove all doubts that might arise in the entrepreneur, who is eager to have online business established in this domain.

  • Standing stiff in competition: There is a need for every entrepreneur to have his business to be ahead of the competitors. In today’s digital age along with increasing competition especially for online presence, it is important to have strong functional site.


  • Professional web presence: There are many who feel that social media sites can help to get online identity and a site might not be required. The fact is that even after having good social presence, it would not be creating professional branding or image for the business. All such online presence sources are just casual. A website for the photography studio is an absolute must for having a professional identity. Rather it can be termed to be the online address.


  • About making money and business development: The website is considered to be just the right web marketing tool for the business. The entrepreneur can provide good quality Photoshop actions, sell exclusive prints, market and publish photobooks, promote and host workshops besides getting plenty of clients through the online venture.


  • Diversifying income source – availing passive income home: A better way to develop business is to get more clients. It does require the entrepreneur to participate actively in the whole process, to interact with clients, arrange photo shoot, finish professionally the photographs and to delivery highly quality work to clients. Apart from this, one can invest some effort and time to earn through the website, such as providing premium contents on photo blogs, to promote Photoshop actions, lightroom preset bundles, sell stock photos, etc. Such avenues can assist to reap in revenues and benefits.


  • Strengthening social image: The website can be compared to online brochure for the business. An ordinary website mentioning the services rendered, about us page, as well as contact info, can help the entrepreneur to get to fore-fronts of online world. One can integrate actively Facebook fan page, LinkedIn profile, Twitter tweet board and Flickr photostream to the site. It is the website that armors the entrepreneur with power to manage online presence on several platforms from a source which is the website.


  • Create an online Store: you can actually set up an online shopping store in your website so that to create more value for your audience. It is always great to get some photography equipments or wedding related products in the website and make it more convenient for you audience to buy it. One of the best way is to utilize drop shipping system to source the products from this Taobao Agent Singapore for more details about the service, you can actually read more about taobao agent here.

The above reasons justify the need for having a website for photography business.


Who are the top 10 photographers in the world concurrently?

Who are the top 10 photographers in the world concurrently?

In current times, almost everyone is a photographer, right from an individual having an iPhone to studio owners shooting weddings during weekends. Cameras have become much more available widely than ever before. Hence, people have been trying to discover their love and passion for photography. Few even select to pursue this field as a career, to take photography courses or full degree in this subject. Irrespective of being a serious student, the accomplished hobbyist or artist, there is indeed plenty to be learn from icons of photography, from both today’s as well as yesteryears.

Knowing the top 10 photographers of the world

  • Ansel Adams: He is perhaps one of the most recognized in the world. His photograph of American West, specifically Yosemite National Park is regarded to be iconic. He also had developed the Zone System, which was a way for determining appropriate contrast and exposure in final print, thereby resulting in in-depth and intense clarity that is evident through his photographs.


  • Louis-Jacques-Mande Daguerre: Photographic print lovers do owe debt of gratitude towards this person. Even though he was considered to be a romantic painter, inventor of Diorama and printmaker, his monumental contribution made to society is daguerreotype, which is the first reliable process to create permanent photo in the world. Using chemistry and light, he developed photographic images exclusively on silver plated copper sheets.


  • Alfred Stieglitz: He is regarded to be straight photography’s patron saint. He pioneered the idea of the photo to be with regards to the moment, subject, vision of artist instead of contrived manipulation.




  • Diane Arbus: All her photographs were catching subjects in unmasked moments and shocking, be it famous actors, transvestites or writers. The objective was to work towards revealing subject’s true self via art.



  • Philippe Halsman: He is best known due to his jumping photographs with regards to popular subjects from middle of 20th century, from Duchess and Duke of Windsor to Richard Nixon. His body of work further includes surreal portraits the likes of Salvador Dali, which leaves viewers to get puzzled, trying to figure as to how such photograph was possible physically.


  • Sally Mann: Sally is an actively working photographer and has been named in 2001 by Time Magazine as America’s Best Photographer for her stunning and fabulous work on her family, including that of southern landscapes, as well as series on decomposing bodies.


  • David LaChapelle: He is considered to be a wonderful art photographer offering inspiration to others to crate their very own individualistic photograph. One can witness, surreal and bold examples which highlight understanding of political and social issues with sense of humor.




  • Elliot Erwitt: Elliot’s work is known for photojournalistic and lifestyle approach to photos. He takes casual approach to unveil true portrait of subjects and purveyor of ‘non-photograph’.
  • Jacques Henri Lartigue: He began taking photos as early as age of seven, having documented his family, friends as well as the world surrounding him and is regarded to be first ‘amateur’ photographer and father of modern picture taking.
  • Jerry Uelsmann: His photographs looks very much different that of the one the subjects live in. he simply tried to crate composite photographs, which depict surrealist images. He used multiple negatives, extensive darkroom work and enlargers for creating his work.

These are the top ten photographers that every student of photography should know and study of.

What Are the Famous Photography Blogs and Resources to Follow?

blog iconNowadays, people who have no knowledge about photography and photography related subjects can get to know all what is needed for them to know on this subject by means of the photography blogs which includes the photography resources found in the internet. The online media has offered the general people a great deal of knowledge in various subjects, in fact, one can find almost anything and everything through the internet.

Coming back on the topic of photography, you can learn the several effective tactics of capturing an image taken by you from the web media along with a lot of other things pertaining to this field of interest. Along with photography many other photo related subjects are correlated such as art, graphic designing, illustration, crafts as well as interior designing. These subjects look up at photography is an important aspect which blended with these mentioned interests can offer to the people beautiful and very pleasing objects.

Photography blogs are very helpful for learners interested in photography
There are uncountable blog sites and article portals where you can see the different elements of photography being described and explained in a proper way. There are different types of photography which you will get to know about from various websites on the internet as well as by going through the several books and magazines on photography. There are few terms which you should be well aware of if you want to take up photography as a hobby or as your favorite pastime. These terms you can get acquainted with on the various photography books as well as in the web at your convenient time.

Being good at something, even if it is a hobby or something you like, knowledge is needed. The more you will know about the subject, the most better you will become. In these present years, photography means clicking random pictures with your phone camera, isn’t it? But in actual sense, photography is a much bigger concept, altogether, which one must gain information on via various sources.

Photography blogs are one of the most effective ways to learn what is vital to know in this field. Blogs are not only fun to read, but also you get to know the practical stuff about taking pictures and not the boring theoretical knowledge. You can get to know about the interesting and exciting tips and camera tricks which you can apply while taking a photograph by going through different types of blogs on photography.

The names of the best photography blogs which one can look for online
A list of the most common and popular photography blogs which you will find if you look up for blogs on photography are ‘The Big Picture,’ ‘Chromasia,’ and ‘Jeezo Peezo’ photo-blog (shows black and white photographs) along with ‘Fine Art’ blog on photography including the photography blogs by famous photographers such as Laurens Kuipers, Robert Kruh, Vernon Trent, David J. Nightingale and Sam Talayeh. These are some of the top most photo-blogs, which you can check out to get a hint of what photography actually means and how to take beautiful pictures. Even if you are not into photography still you can opt to see these blogs so as to just see the outstanding photographs taken by the most talented photographers.

 Photography of ‘Street Fashion’ catching the eyes of general people
Have you heard about street photography? If not, then do not worry as here, you will get a fair enough idea of what exactly is street photography. This genre, or rather one can say, sub genre of photography is largely made popular by the popular photographer, Bruce Davidson. He has been a lifelong photographer, even though he had other means of income in a few years of his life. Though he is one of the founding fathers of street photography but still he does not quite like the idea of classifying his type of photography into any one single time. Anyways, let’s discuss about what is street photography and how can you become a successful street photographer.

  • The first step to street photography is to be a part of the locality of the community in which you are residing. Participating in the community will help you get a sense of the local men and women living around you and also you will get an exposure of their culture which gets reflected in their dressing and living style. If you want to become a street photographer you will need to make the people around you comfortable and relax in your presence.

Without making a distinct bond with the people it is quite useless to start taking pictures of them as those pictures will look artificial and even fake. Building connection with the locals and then capturing their images will give your pictures a sense of reality and viewers will be able to communicate or link themselves with your pictures.

  • Getting to know your subject and also a particular mode to interact with them is crucial in street photography. Clicking a picture of a person without his or her permission can lead you in grave troubles. If you want to take a photograph of a specific person then it is a must for you to go and talk to them and ask them whether it is alright with them if you take their picture. Try talking about things about them so that they feel relaxed in front of you and your camera while clicking photographs.
  • Always carry proof with you which will show others that you are a genuine street photographer. Many times you will see people, seeing the camera and tripod in your hand, might come to you to ask what you are doing. You must keep in mind that some of these people might not be friendly and they may have a problem with you taking pictures in their community. Therefore, always make it a point to carry pictures taken by you in an album so as to show them that you are a professional.

What are the Major Differences Between the Photography Style of Eastern and Western Countries?

In today’s world, you will find that photography one of the hobbies of a majority of the people living in various parts of the world. This phenomena was not quite popular in the past decades, and have become a prominent aspect of the society until the very recent times.

eastern vs western

Change in the methods of photography from past to present
The growth of photography as a hobby for various people in different age groups is largely due to the emergence of the camera phones which more recently has become a tool of existence for almost the entire mankind. In the past, if one can recall, you will remember your ancestors using large box cameras which were hand held in nature and then came the reel manual camera with an extra accessory for flash. The picture quality of those photographs taken with the just mentioned cameras was absolutely outstanding but if you compare it with the SLR and DSLR cameras which are present in this age, you will see that the photographs taken by digital SLR cameras appeal to your eyes the most.

Why people from all around the world is taking an interest in photography?
The reason behind this is, you all extensively use cameras in your Smartphones or iPhones, in short, any of your high tech phones which has a good camera lens and an appreciable mega pixel in both front and rear parts of a camera. People nowadays take pictures almost every day of their own selves (selfies), of your families and friends, in various places where they are being present at a particular time. This inculcates a habit of taking pictures more frequently and grows into a hobby. Hence, people living in today’s society have a knack to take pictures whenever and wherever they are and those of you who would like to take a real interest in this hobby, must know the different styles of photography.

Difference in the perspective of eastern style photographers, and western style photographers
Studies have shown that photographers of a particular style such as eastern or western style look at things quite differently than the photographers who stick to their own style. There have been many researches which have given the people certain specific proofs that photographers who follow the eastern style photography looks at their object of photography almost the opposite way than what the photographers who follow the western style photography does. Specially, the eastern style of photography which includes the Asian genre of photography is extremely different than what you will find when you will see the western style photographs.

You can know more about various other kinds of photography styles by means of online media. The Internet can open to you a world full of photographic terms and styles as well as the learning techniques on how to use a camera and take a picture on a specific style. There are quite a few good websites on which you will get informative write-ups on photographic styles, especially on the two most common styles which are eastern style and the other, western style photography.

Cognitive ability along with culture shows in photographs
One may not know this fact, but it is quite an important one when it comes to photography – cognitive development of a person mixed with the culture in which he or she is brought up plays a crucial part in how he or she looks at certain things or objects. This blending of culture with the cognitive maturity of a photographers changes his way of perceiving an object and this also helps him to identify which things he wants to take photographs of and which things he does not want to click pictures of.

For instance, taking a hypothetical situation, a boy who grows up in a happy and healthy family, with both the parents and siblings, will have a tendency to look at the bright side of life and this will reflect on the photographs he takes. He is more likely to take pictures of people smiling, children playing, the colorful side of nature, flowers and of smiling babies. His style of photography is designed by the development of his cognitive senses to the culture of his family and surroundings.

On the other hand, a boy whose hobby is taking pictures will take pictures which have a dark side of it which may be the result of his parents being divorced at a young age, or the loss of one parent. He will often click pictures on a cloudy day, or pictures of poor and hungry people, photographs of gothic pictures, barren lands and more of such things. His reason of taking such pictures is due to the pain and anger inside him and also the way he is brought up.

Color preferences in different photographic styles
Different photographic styles have different color preferences. Color preferences does not imply using a specific color on every photograph such as only clicking things which are colored red or black or blue. Color preference means, whether you will use bright colors or matt colors or even two tone colors. Asian eastern style of photography tells the photographers to use bright colored objects. Even if the pictures taken by them is not quite bright and vibrant they can always use the editing techniques in the different editing softwares to brighten up the colors of the photograph easily.

Eastern photographic styles do not tell any follower of this style to click a picture with lots of colors in it. The whole concept is to enhance the colors present in the image. Asian photographic style never saturates the colors of the photographs but using few simple ‘color enhancing’ tricks they make the picture more colorful, bright and pleasing to the eyes.

In the early years, western photography was mostly made in dual tone colors which are black and white pictures. The western photographers believed that black and white images offer a sense of realism in the eyes of the viewers. But gradually this believe has changed, leading them to take normal colored pictures.