Who are the top 10 photographers in the world concurrently?

In current times, almost everyone is a photographer, right from an individual having an iPhone to studio owners shooting weddings during weekends. Cameras have become much more available widely than ever before. Hence, people have been trying to discover their love and passion for photography. Few even select to pursue this field as a career, to take photography courses or full degree in this subject. Irrespective of being a serious student, the accomplished hobbyist or artist, there is indeed plenty to be learn from icons of photography, from both today’s as well as yesteryears.

Knowing the top 10 photographers of the world

  • Ansel Adams: He is perhaps one of the most recognized in the world. His photograph of American West, specifically Yosemite National Park is regarded to be iconic. He also had developed the Zone System, which was a way for determining appropriate contrast and exposure in final print, thereby resulting in in-depth and intense clarity that is evident through his photographs.


  • Louis-Jacques-Mande Daguerre: Photographic print lovers do owe debt of gratitude towards this person. Even though he was considered to be a romantic painter, inventor of Diorama and printmaker, his monumental contribution made to society is daguerreotype, which is the first reliable process to create permanent photo in the world. Using chemistry and light, he developed photographic images exclusively on silver plated copper sheets.


  • Alfred Stieglitz: He is regarded to be straight photography’s patron saint. He pioneered the idea of the photo to be with regards to the moment, subject, vision of artist instead of contrived manipulation.




  • Diane Arbus: All her photographs were catching subjects in unmasked moments and shocking, be it famous actors, transvestites or writers. The objective was to work towards revealing subject’s true self via art.



  • Philippe Halsman: He is best known due to his jumping photographs with regards to popular subjects from middle of 20th century, from Duchess and Duke of Windsor to Richard Nixon. His body of work further includes surreal portraits the likes of Salvador Dali, which leaves viewers to get puzzled, trying to figure as to how such photograph was possible physically.


  • Sally Mann: Sally is an actively working photographer and has been named in 2001 by Time Magazine as America’s Best Photographer for her stunning and fabulous work on her family, including that of southern landscapes, as well as series on decomposing bodies.


  • David LaChapelle: He is considered to be a wonderful art photographer offering inspiration to others to crate their very own individualistic photograph. One can witness, surreal and bold examples which highlight understanding of political and social issues with sense of humor.




  • Elliot Erwitt: Elliot’s work is known for photojournalistic and lifestyle approach to photos. He takes casual approach to unveil true portrait of subjects and purveyor of ‘non-photograph’.
  • Jacques Henri Lartigue: He began taking photos as early as age of seven, having documented his family, friends as well as the world surrounding him and is regarded to be first ‘amateur’ photographer and father of modern picture taking.
  • Jerry Uelsmann: His photographs looks very much different that of the one the subjects live in. he simply tried to crate composite photographs, which depict surrealist images. He used multiple negatives, extensive darkroom work and enlargers for creating his work.

These are the top ten photographers that every student of photography should know and study of.