In today’s world, you will find that photography one of the hobbies of a majority of the people living in various parts of the world. This phenomena was not quite popular in the past decades, and have become a prominent aspect of the society until the very recent times.

eastern vs western

Change in the methods of photography from past to present
The growth of photography as a hobby for various people in different age groups is largely due to the emergence of the camera phones which more recently has become a tool of existence for almost the entire mankind. In the past, if one can recall, you will remember your ancestors using large box cameras which were hand held in nature and then came the reel manual camera with an extra accessory for flash. The picture quality of those photographs taken with the just mentioned cameras was absolutely outstanding but if you compare it with the SLR and DSLR cameras which are present in this age, you will see that the photographs taken by digital SLR cameras appeal to your eyes the most.

Why people from all around the world is taking an interest in photography?
The reason behind this is, you all extensively use cameras in your Smartphones or iPhones, in short, any of your high tech phones which has a good camera lens and an appreciable mega pixel in both front and rear parts of a camera. People nowadays take pictures almost every day of their own selves (selfies), of your families and friends, in various places where they are being present at a particular time. This inculcates a habit of taking pictures more frequently and grows into a hobby. Hence, people living in today’s society have a knack to take pictures whenever and wherever they are and those of you who would like to take a real interest in this hobby, must know the different styles of photography.

Difference in the perspective of eastern style photographers, and western style photographers
Studies have shown that photographers of a particular style such as eastern or western style look at things quite differently than the photographers who stick to their own style. There have been many researches which have given the people certain specific proofs that photographers who follow the eastern style photography looks at their object of photography almost the opposite way than what the photographers who follow the western style photography does. Specially, the eastern style of photography which includes the Asian genre of photography is extremely different than what you will find when you will see the western style photographs.

You can know more about various other kinds of photography styles by means of online media. The Internet can open to you a world full of photographic terms and styles as well as the learning techniques on how to use a camera and take a picture on a specific style. There are quite a few good websites on which you will get informative write-ups on photographic styles, especially on the two most common styles which are eastern style and the other, western style photography.

Cognitive ability along with culture shows in photographs
One may not know this fact, but it is quite an important one when it comes to photography – cognitive development of a person mixed with the culture in which he or she is brought up plays a crucial part in how he or she looks at certain things or objects. This blending of culture with the cognitive maturity of a photographers changes his way of perceiving an object and this also helps him to identify which things he wants to take photographs of and which things he does not want to click pictures of.

For instance, taking a hypothetical situation, a boy who grows up in a happy and healthy family, with both the parents and siblings, will have a tendency to look at the bright side of life and this will reflect on the photographs he takes. He is more likely to take pictures of people smiling, children playing, the colorful side of nature, flowers and of smiling babies. His style of photography is designed by the development of his cognitive senses to the culture of his family and surroundings.

On the other hand, a boy whose hobby is taking pictures will take pictures which have a dark side of it which may be the result of his parents being divorced at a young age, or the loss of one parent. He will often click pictures on a cloudy day, or pictures of poor and hungry people, photographs of gothic pictures, barren lands and more of such things. His reason of taking such pictures is due to the pain and anger inside him and also the way he is brought up.

Color preferences in different photographic styles
Different photographic styles have different color preferences. Color preferences does not imply using a specific color on every photograph such as only clicking things which are colored red or black or blue. Color preference means, whether you will use bright colors or matt colors or even two tone colors. Asian eastern style of photography tells the photographers to use bright colored objects. Even if the pictures taken by them is not quite bright and vibrant they can always use the editing techniques in the different editing softwares to brighten up the colors of the photograph easily.

Eastern photographic styles do not tell any follower of this style to click a picture with lots of colors in it. The whole concept is to enhance the colors present in the image. Asian photographic style never saturates the colors of the photographs but using few simple ‘color enhancing’ tricks they make the picture more colorful, bright and pleasing to the eyes.

In the early years, western photography was mostly made in dual tone colors which are black and white pictures. The western photographers believed that black and white images offer a sense of realism in the eyes of the viewers. But gradually this believe has changed, leading them to take normal colored pictures.