Weddings are lifetime events and the stuff of fairy tales coming true when one is marrying the person he or she loves and want to be with for the rest of life. A pre-wedding photo-shoot is the event where the groom is the actor and the bride in the wedding gown the actress. A pre-wedding photo session is usually part of the package of the wedding photographer these days. The photos shot in the session can be used in wedding invitation cards and also in the form of slideshow presentation during the reception ceremony. If you are going to marry for the first time and have no clue about what to do in your first pre-wedding photo-shoot, knowing the following 3 facts will be helpful.

Building a rapport with your wedding photographer is important

Try to know the styles and personality of your wedding photographer before the actual photo-shoot. This will make you more comfortable about standing before the camera and following the instructions of the person. Exchange any ideas that you might have. Tell the professional about the ideas that you like as well the ones you dislike. The photographer will undoubtedly have some excellent ideas regarding what you should do during the session. You can understand the ideas that he has, as well as his shortcomings and strengths. If you do not like any of the ideas it is a good to move on and start looking for some other photographer.

You will get proper guidance from your wedding photographer and make sure that the style of your choice is reflected in your photographs. Discuss the type of art direction you would want for the shoot. This will depend on your personal style as well as the budget you have. Once the art direction is fixed, you will find it easy to gather decorations, props, flowers, shoes, wedding gown and all the other important elements.

Here are some wedding gowns recommended by celebrities that look good on their pre-wedding photoshoot.

A proper discussion with the makeup artist is essential

Other than meeting the wedding photographer, you will also need to talk to the makeup artist. Generally, makeup artists work with photographers and you can find a good one with the professional you are signing up with. The makeup artist will be able to help you decide about the proper hairdo and kind of makeup that will make you look your best during the photo-shoot.

You can discuss as well as determine the type of makeup that you want. If you have some skin flaws or a facial feature that you will like to hide, you can discuss the same with the artist and your photographer. Proper cosmetics and a different angle might be used in order to conceal the flaw. Whether you would want a makeup heavy or a minimal makeup look, you can discuss it with the professional.

The location depends on your budget

You will also have to take decisions about the location of the photo-shoot. The location or the background will actually depend on the type of budget that you have. If you have a deeper pocket, you can plan an outdoor shoot by the sea, a church or a spot of your choice. Of course, you will have to get permits for the photo-shoot from the state authorities.

If you are short on money, you will have to meet your needs with a professional studio. Even then, you can make the most of the situation with your inventiveness. You can pose like your favorite stars or celebrities or try a vintage look with some old antique replica stuff which can be purchased from thrift stores and more. With the right professionals, you can ensure perfect pictures and ensure the success of your pre-wedding photo-shoot.